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I use software and systems to do it.

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Serverless OAuth with Multiple Providers

11/04/2020 oauth, authentication, serverless, architect, begin

This example shows how to use multiple OAuth providers (Google and Github in this case) to authenticate to a serverless application hosted on Begin.com or Architect . Authentication is who a user…

UI State Machine with only HTML and CSS

10/27/2020 noJS, statemachine, XState, HTML

This post shows a reusable general purpose state machine built with HTML and CSS only. No javascript used here. State machines are not new. But they have gained popularity recently for managing state…

Using Tailwind with Begin.com and Architect

10/23/2020 Tailwind, Architect, Begin.com

Using Tailwind with Begin.com and Architect( arc.codes ) is mostly straightforward with just a few hurdles. The instructions below cover how to use them together for a server rendered scenario…

Connect an Architect App to a Cloudflare Domain

10/21/2020 DNS, Cloudflare, Architect, Begin.com

Architect( arc.codes ) and Begin.com (a service built on top of Architect) are awesome. They take much of the pain out of deploying web apps to AWS. But neither currently support multiple domain on a…

Radio Reset Controller

09/18/2020 noJS

Make any HTML interactive with no Javascript You can show, hide, or control an HTML element anywhere on the page without Javascript . With three tags and one line of CSS your controlling button and…

Authentication for a Gatsby React GraphQL App

12/18/2019 authentication, SPA, Gatsby, React, GraphQL

Introduction Authentication is a critical function for any web app. There are many general resources on the topic. This is not an "everything you need to know about" post. I will show one…

Uploading user images to Google Cloud Storage

10/22/2019 googlecloud, images

Using signed URLs with Google Cloud Storage to simplify storing user assets. There are many ways to store user images from a website or web app. Each has its own pain points. I am building a react web…

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